John’s Mongolian Adventure in aid of ‘So Precious’ Charity

John is currently in the midst of his epic journey. Keep up to date with his doings at:!/johnsmongolianadventure

Whiteburn director John Shepherd is about to take off on a marathon motorbike ride from Riga in Latvia to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, supported by global motorcycle tour company Kudu Expeditions.

Departing from Riga on Saturday 11 June and crossing the Russian border, the group will arrive in Moscow two days later. They will then head further east into Russia towards the Urals before heading southeast into Kazakhstan and down to the vanishing Aral Sea. Riding the rough broken roads of the Kazakh Steppe, John and the group will navigate the pristine mountain wilderness of the Altai region in Russia and finally entering Mongolia to tackle the Gobi Desert, arriving in the capital Ulaanbaatar on 3 July.

John is supporting the charity ‘So Precious’, which raises money for the Stirling Royal Neonatal & Maternity Unit.