Building the
human spirit

At Whiteburn we believe that with imagination and ambition, urban-living environments can be more effective, beautiful and fun. Project by project, we’re making that happen. Our approach is to consider how we can improve life for the people who’ll live in the space and the local community around them – from there we apply strong design thinking to create homes that are as efficient and practical as they are bold and inspirational.

Whiteburn understand the importance of where you live and aim to deliver a space you are proud to call your home. We focus on the location and the place, and create homes to suit.

We deliver both new build housing and work with unloved or abandoned historic buildings to create interesting new homes and innovative commercial space.

We love the challenge of creating new places to live and work in these overlooked parts of our towns and cities.

If you have a site or building which you think may be of interest please get in touch.