PHAT 2017: The PHAT-Exit

One frosty, early morning in Courmayeur, mountain town in the land of Fiat Pandas, armed policemen dressed in Armani, one-euro ristrettos, garlic foccacia as a bar snack, and hot chocolates thick enough to stand a spoon in…. 36 PHAT men and woman met by a bus with an important journey: The PHAT-Exit. 2017’s PHAT Challenge […]

PHAT Challenge 2016 : The Xtremely PHAT Challenge

  “Dress for Chilli Conditions!” said the 2016 PHAT Challenge invitation. The ninth PHAT Challenge was going up the Glacier in Italy and back down the Vallee Blanche to Chamonix, France. Six of the Alps’ phinest Mountain Guides (arranged by Stu MacDonald Mountaineering) met a whopping thirty PHAT challengees for an expresso and a plan-of-action. […]

PHAT Challenge 2015 : EdSki's Off Piste Deep Powder Adventure

Friday 30 January 2015, and PHAT HQ had relocated to Courmayeur. In an attempt to Top Trump PHAT, LSH had rearranged their Ski Race to coincide with our adventure, but nevertheless 26 off piste ski bunnies made it to PHAT. The late night snow dances on Thursday worked and at 8.30am on PHAT day we […]

PHAT Challenge 2014 : PHAToLimpics

WHITEBURN PHAT CHALLENGE 2014 – Bringing L’esprit des Olympics d’Hiver back to Chamonix Chamonix, January 1924, hosted the first ever Semaine Internationale des Sports d’Hiver (International Winter Sports’ Week), aka the inaugural ‘Winter Olympic Games’ – held at the foot of Mont Blanc. 90 years later, 31st January 2014, while Russia prepared their pipes and pistes for the […]

PHAT Challenge 2013 : The Nordic Ski Tour

News at Whiteburn HQ was that something called “The Nordic Ski” had just been invented! This had to be explored and investigated!! On 18 January 201913 the Whiteburn PHAT Challenge marked a sublime era: The PHAT Epoque. 201913 was the year when the Whiteburn PHATties got Tango’d… And the year when they skinned up snowy […]

PHAT Challenge 2012 : The PHATalian Job

The Whiteburn PHAT Challenge Year 005 was a year of European Euro-Sarcozy-esque scandal and fine Bond-style British stealth. La Thuile, Vallee d’Aosta, Italy was the destination for yet another snowy mission impossible for diehard PHATties, licensed for thrills. The Phatalian Job 2012 was an epic. It all started with a virtually unintelligble self-destructible Dictaphone message on the PHAT snow bus […]