Big ideas

Between 2012 and 2014 Whiteburn worked with Copenhagen based asset managers BPTO, to create and evaluate a new waterfront masterplan for the redevelopment of the historic Gdańsk shipyards, which had laid largely dormant and suffering neglect since closure in the mid-1990’s.

Our Mandate

Lech Walensa
Gdansk crane
Young City Gdansk 3D render
Gdansk development map

Working with Gareth Hoskins Architects’ Polish office, we evolved a dynamic mixed use development plan to transform the 22-hectare post-industrial site into a gross development area of 450,000 sqm – for a range of new uses: flats, hotels, shops, offices, workers housing and even a new opera house!

Making history

Whiteburn’s plan would conserve and rejuvenate an impressive group of protected 1870’s dockside buildings, which housed and serviced the Kaiser’s imperial navy during the Franco Prussian wars.

Young City Gdansk evening 3D render
Young City Gdansk World War 2 Museum
Young City Gdansk solidarity centre

Two major public projects

The European Solidarity Centre, built to house the Roads to Freedom exhibition, charting the unrest of the 1970’s and 80’s led by Lech Walesa, which eventually led to the downfall of the Soviet empire.

The World War II Museum, a central government funded project, sited at the point of the outbreak of WWII, will encapsulate all theatres of WWII over its devastating 6-year history and bring a new influx of global tourists to the shipyards area.

Attracting new investors

Whiteburn’s exciting masterplan and associated business plan enabled the introduction of new investors to the Young City Gdansk project, who continue to work with the City of Gdansk to secure the necessary infrastructure co-operation.