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Making Buying Simple

Buying a new home might feel complicated at first, but Whiteburn are here to make the process as simple as possible. This page contains a variety of articles and resources, and our friendly team are always available to discuss options with you.

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1 Discover: Call or email us to find out more about life at Viewforth.

2 Decide: View the house types, plots and specifications, and decide which is right for you.

3 Reserve: Once your finances are confirmed, speak with our sales advisor and pay the £1,000 reservation fee to reserve your home.

4 Familiarise: Talk to the sales advisor who will provide you with all the information you need about the house, the specification and the building process.

5 Confirm: Once you’re fully informed, conclude the missive and pay the £3,000 deposit, no later than three weeks after reservation.

6 Personalise: Dependent on the programme, personalise your home by choosing colours and selecting from the options available.

7 View: Three or four days prior to legal completion, meet with the sales advisor who will show you around your new home and explain how everything works.

8 Complete: On the date of legal completion, move into your property and start making it your home.

9 Check: Log any issues on our Fixflo reporting system

10 Enjoy: Settle into your new home and start enjoying life in your new community.

What is the Code?
The Consumer Code for New Homes is a mandatory Code which has been established to ensure that best practice is followed by all registered Developers in respect of the marketing, selling and purchasing of New Homes, and also sets expected standards for after sales customer care service.

It was developed to be of maximum benefit to consumers and its ultimate aim is to provide a genuine commitment to consumers to improving standards of construction and customer service in the New Homes market, recognising that part of that commitment is providing consumers with a voice when things simply don’t go according to plan when they buy a New Home.

The Code provides a clear consumer complaints process supported by an independent Dispute Resolution Scheme for consumer complaints that arise and are made in writing to us, your Developer, within two years of the date of the Completion of your New Home purchase. This is run independently by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

What does the Code Cover?
The Code covers the New Home buying process to ensure that the selling activities we engage in are of a consistently high standard. This includes:

  • Pre-Purchase Stage: ensuring high standards of customer service, fair and clear documentation, adequate information provision
  • Contract Exchange Stage: governing the Contract of Sale, requiring minimum standards for fair and transparent contracts, accurate information about when the property will be available and protecting deposits
  • Handover & After Sales: providing minimum standards for handover and after sales processes, ensuring your health & safety and ensuring you have suitable information for maintaining and living in your property
  • Complaints & Disputes: giving you access to clear, speedy and low cost dispute resolution if things don’t go according to plan

Purpose of the Code
Purchasing a New Home is a significant expense for most consumers and there are many different factors which you will consider when buying, including location, design and suitability as well as price and reputation of your Developer.

The Consumer Code for New Homes aims to ensure that consumers are protected from undesirable trading practices during the New Home purchase process and so sets standards for all Registered Developers so that they are consistent and of the highest standards to ensure the whole process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

The Code provides us with a mark of real quality, to give you the peace of mind that, when you are buying a New Home:

  • you will be treated fairly by us and our Agents
  • you can have confidence about our legal and professional status as a company
  • you will be given clear and reliable information about your New Home and the purchase process
  • you will know what standards of construction & service level to expect from us
  • you can access speedy, low-cost Dispute Resolution if you are not satisfied with the sales process
  • you will understand what you have to do to maintain your New Home and address any problems that may arise
  • if you are in a vulnerable position, this is readily identified by us and we will give your suitable support to help assist you in making decisions.

You can download a copy of the Consumer Code for New Homes here.


To find out more about the Consumer Code for New Homes, please visit www.consumercodefornewhomes.com


We work in conjunction with the The Mortgage Advice Bureau , who are a leading mortgage advice service with over 1,500 advisers across the UK.

The Mortgage Advice Bureau offer expert mortgage advice to consumers, over the phone on a broad range of topics, such as; first time buyers,  Help to Buy, new build, re-mortgaging, and even tips on how to improve your credit score.

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Toria Jones, Whiteburn Property Development's Sales Manager for new build homes in Scotland

Talk to us about buying a property. Our friendly team are on hand to discuss your situation and your options. We’ll do everything possible to give you the keys, to the home of your dreams.

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Whiteburn is a family owned private development group based in Edinburgh. We specialise in creating unique and practical homes through innovative regeneration projects.

What People Say About Us

I have found Whiteburn to be a very professional organisation who have produced a high quality construction backed up by a very helpful, courteous Customer Care Staff.

Iain – Parkview, Dundee

Friendly service with fantastic communication throughout. The finish quality is excellent and the aftercare service has been exceptional.

Janette – Ashludie House, Monifieth

Everyone’s been so helpful… Throughout the process the quality of information supplied and standard of service from the whole team at Caerlee Mill has been excellent. We expected a quality home and we’ve not been disappointed

Jim and Jennifer – Caerlee Mill, Innerleithen

…Getting the keys was so exciting because we had never seen the inside of our house. Everything was just a bit better and bigger than we had imagined that it would be. In terms of standout features, we love the use of space, the use of natural light is amazing, and the practicality of the layout means every space is maximised

Lindsey – Caerlee Mill, Innerleithen